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Issues & Political Concerns

Growth With Sustainability


Proper Representation

I am a voice of fresh perspectives and proper representation for Indiana. For the people who call Indiana home, WE must have our voices, opinions, and perspectives thought about during the policy and fiscal process. Having been born and raised in Fort Wayne, I take pride in being a Hoosier. Representation is KEY to making sure our community feels valued.


Fiscal Priority

I'm fully committed to working hard for the people FISCALLY. I'm a FISCALLY RELIABLE DEMOCRAT that believes in a better way. I believe in trimming the fat to ensure balance with OUR tax dollars. We must move into a day and age where there is transparency with OUR tax dollars. The people deserve to know how their money is being used and where it's actually going.


Affordable Housing

Young AND the aging population are the most affected by rising costs due to factors like unstable employment, taking away pensions, and fixed incomes. The challenges of not having enough supply to meet the demands are nationwide. Our great city is not excluded from this. It's a fact that when rent/mortgages and employment are stable, households are able to budget better. Not only getting affordable housing but making sure it's also being MAINTAINED is something I would continue to work towards for our growing community. 

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