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My name is Sean Johnson and I was a former candidate for Fort Wayne's 2023 City Council At-Large race. I did not make it out of the primary elections, but the work does not stop there. During my campaign season, I've gained insight and knowledge that I'm using to propel forward in order to advocate and make a profound lasting effect within our government for the people of Indiana.


I am not a novice politically having helped many candidates and is the former President of the Allen County Young Dems, as well as their former third district chair. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Indiana Young Democrats so I can help statewide. I am compelled to serve just as my ancestors have done since the 1750’s. I am a proud person of color who

knows my roots and I feel a duty to continue their human rights activism.

I am a native of Fort Wayne and a graduate of North Side High School who later attended Indiana Tech as a track athlete majoring in Recreational Therapy. While I have noticed and experienced many inequities in life, I am especially concerned with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, so I developed and administer a learning curriculum serving that population.


I am a large picture problem-solver, always assessing how even a good plan might negatively affect some citizens. To that end, I developed C.H.A.N.G.E. FW LLC; which stands for ‘Come Help a Neighbor Get Enriched.’ Additionally, I am the youngest Black American ever elected to Fort Wayne's Parks board and have experience with non-profit work.

Being a public servant is my true calling. I want to put forth my efforts to keep growing politically and to foster relationships within Indiana communities. With your help, I truly believe having a young candidate with a different perspective is needed in today's ever-changing society.

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